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Feb. 12th, 2010

one piece

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I REALLY wanna watch that one vid in which Yoochun was fanboying fukuyama masaharu on the after-music station 090710. I've been searching everywhere for that vid on youtube. I'm  MAD at TV- Asahi Corp for taking down the only one I can find!T_T

Feb. 11th, 2010

one piece

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I wanna go to Japan!! Badly!>_<

I've been saving some money, but i guess it's not gonna be enough..oh well..one can always dream.. *sighs*

So, lately, I've been getting into Jpop..I mean, I used to listen to Japanese songs here and then like Utada Hikaru but i didn't really know about Jpop itself, though a few friends of mine did try to force me into Jpop since 2008, I did try checking them out (without much enthusiasm,LOL) like Kattun and ARASHI but i thought they were kinda not-so-good-looking (okay, I know, shallow) and besides, i was into Kpop at that time since 2007, thanks to Dong Bang Shin KI, my first love *hearts*...

Then in 2009 I started to know more about Yamapi and KATTUN, basically because my friend was shoving her vids into my HDD..XD..and i find them to be quite okay, not bad.

but then..last year I watched Ryuusei no Kizuna and I fell in love with the lead actor..I was like, who is this guy? so short and cute, LOL..I googled him and found out that he's Ninomiya Kazunari and he's in ARASHI!..I've checked ARASHi in 2008 but I guess I didn't really pay much attention to the members..In the process of getting to know Nino, I watched some vids of ARASHI on youtube and man..next thing I know..I FELL for ARASHI!! they're so funny and not so celeb-like,  they're totally like normal people, not that i thought they were abnormal before,haha.. and next thing I know, my HDD is full of ARASHI vidss..wOOtt!! It's totally lucky to have friends who love ARASHI too,XDXDXD...and now, my favorite members are Ohno and Nino!!but Aiba, Jun and Sho are definitely loved tooXD

I love their shows, like AnS(why do they need to discontinue this??*sobs*), Vs ARASHI, TSD(I don't know i can love animals this much, thanks Aiba,LOL), MMA, but music wise I prefer TOHOSHINKI, though I still love you ARASHI!! They're all good in acting HYD,RnK,Maou(i cried watching MAOU..AWESOME!).. but I'm not sure about DBSK..saw Yunho's drama..and well..it was pretty bad acting, but i totally love dangerous love, the acting was so-so but they're all so adorable in it!!!..talk about dangerous love, that's the first vid on youtube that got me into DBSK, which leads to KPOP then JPOP! I still remember the month and year, June 2007..and by December 2007, I went to their concert in Malaysia..best day in my life! I wish I can go to ARASHI or TOHOHINKI's concert in Japan..I can feel the amazing awesomeness just by thinking about it!!XD

Some people just stay in one fandom, but i guess I'm the type that prefer to have many fandoms, TOHOSHINKI, 2PM, Big Bang, SNSD, 2NE1, BEAST.. and now ARASHI!Yay!! and my dream is to have tohoshinki and arashi performing together..and if that ever happens..*dies*

Wow..long post..ok, gonna go finish my thesis!! byeee!

Apr. 30th, 2009

one piece


im in love with G-dragon..also with yamapi, jaejoong, nichkun, and jin..cant help it, they're all super gorgeous..

Nov. 29th, 2007

one piece


this is just a short one^^

i saw lots of fans accounts on DBSK 2nd asia concert tour in mlaysia 241107, i guess everybody that went there was excited and still are coz i am!!huhu

i dont have time to write down everything~..daa..im so busy to settle lots of things and get everything done before tomorrow..coz im goin to aussie tomorrow night..yeah..doing everything last minute kills me..just cant help it..this whole month all i think about was dbsk's concert!haha..n exams of course..thank god the exams ended right before the concert!!

the concert was great!really! that was my 1st ever DBSK concert..i've no idea who they are last year~huhu

i was at the right side, changmin came to that side often..n he looks soo younggg..i think it's because of his short hair..but he's really cute n a bit shy~

i wanna see more of jae but him n yunho seems to like the stage at the far end~

however..near to end i got to see each of them clearly coz i went running around the zone near to the stage to take a good look at their faces..haha..though it drove me crazy coz each of the dong bang boys actually scattered here n there n i have difficulties to actually choose to run after whom~haha..i really wanana take pics of them but the guards were so rough..one of them almost hit my head!!!i hate him!!ergghhh..when i checked my cam..dang..there's no pics only vids..n the quality are bad~..T__T..i wish i have this super photographic memory@_@

i rily like the aquarium part where the boys came down swimming using the rope(?)..the music is soo sad~
xiah's dance was also memorable~...sooo sechsyyy~haha
i have to say i enjoy every performance including changmin's solo, eventhough his song is soo jazzy.. i mean..if the song was sang by another person i'll probably fell asleep..haha..coz im not such a slow jazzy song fan person..but i have to admit he's got such a nice voice^^

the only not nice memory of that concert is that at the beginning of the concert there's fan waving huge ballons with her long arms  whick totally blocked my view of the boys..im sure she's excited..but rily i cant help feeling irritated~aigoo~.. oh yeah..my glowstick broke half way tru the concert..dang!i probably shook it too hard,aish~

all in all..the concert to me, was a success..the number of the crowd was huge but i was rily hoping for the stadium to be really full, like completely packed~..well..maybe next year~

n yes..due to this concert.. i rily  wanna go to their concert again next year~..wish n hope nothing gonna prevent me from going~

 watever it is...241107 will always be in my memory~

dong bang shin ki~ saranghae~
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Nov. 24th, 2007

one piece

(no subject)

these few days have been pretty crazy..mainly due to dbsk concert tonightttttttt!!!
went to airport yesterday..n man...it was crazy..everybody was pushing and running..somebody passed out n i heard jae fell down..hurm..
well..also went to the stadium..yaaa..n i actually missed the last monorail..the rehearsal started at 12 a.m and since i missed my transport back home..i stayed to watch themm!!!waaa!!!but half way, the guards took down the curtain so we cant see anything but still can hear them sing!!!and i saw there were already fans lining up..they probably stay there until the concert time..but itss sooo earlyyy!!

i really cant wait for tonight..but i havent bought yet my glowstick and i know by this time the price is going to shoot uppp..wut to do..it'll be boring if dont have that~..but being busy these few days makes me not have enough time to rehearse their songssssssss..aigoo...

i'll stop here..have to eat breakfast first then go back to the stadiumm!!

Oct. 21st, 2007

one piece

addicted much?study,blank n sleepy

it's 5 a.m in the morning n i have yet to sleep(is this sentence right?well,who cares)..i wanted to study..exams coming s0on like 6days left and i havent started anything yet..waaa..have to express my studying..but im so hungry,cant concentrate so cooked sumtin to eat n while eating, i kinda looked at my laptop..got sudden urge to switch it on..read some fics, checked emails n friendsters and here i am..n with my studies nowhere to b seen..aarrgghh..i hate internet!!im addicted to itt..aaaaa

going back to to studyy(that is i dont fell asleep while holding my book)...


Oct. 8th, 2007

one piece

jaeho vid- white love story

Oct. 7th, 2007

one piece

got the ticketss!!

hallo!!^^..(to anyone who's reading..though i doubt there are any readers to this lame post of mine@_@ )

well..went   to sg.wang this morning..waited for like 5hours..n finally!!i got my tvxq concert ticketsss!!
but i'm still sad coz i rily wanted to buy the vvip zones ones..but they didn.t sell the tickets for public..only pre-b0ok..ahh..sad sad sad!!then i was thinking of buying the RM300++ tickets..but they'r sold outtt!!s00..bought the rm423 ones..i think that one kinda not bad..coz when i looked at their comp..my seat is like the second front row for that zone..gez that'll have to do..if they come again next yer..i'll sure buy the vvip ticketsss!!

short random ramble^^ 

Aug. 11th, 2007

one piece


wonder when dbsk gonna come to malaysia,or singapore..

Aug. 6th, 2007

one piece


dont rily know wut to write in here..uhuhu..
n0 good in writings..hate t0 write..but love t0 read..^_^yepp

luv jaeho,luv dbsk, luv jaeh0 yongwonhi~

im h0peless with comp..totally!!i've yet t0 figure 0ut how t0 download this, download that, d0 this, d0 that..
but i'll try..that is if i've en0ugh time n also IF i have wireless!!

usually im online at this cc..wud be easier if my c0llege got wireless..save me fr0m all the troubles..ahh.
ottoke..wel..t0o bad..*prays they'll install wireless as s0on as possible!*